We changed to Nico Solutions last year and have been very pleased ever since. They are heads and tails above the other janitorial company we had. We are most impressed with the timeliness, cooperation and quality of their work which is completed to specifications.
- Jeff Scheel
Facilities Manager, NSF International


Nico Solutions has been providing us with outstanding service on a consistent basis since 1991, taking care of all our needs and even more. We appreciate the way they have jumped to the plate under emergency situations. Staff is friendly and very accommodating. It's a perfect fit.
- Joe Altadonna
Facilities Manager, PVS Chemicals, Inc.


We value Nico Solutions' high level of service and hands-on management style... They are very flexible, doing whatever we need. Even short-notice requests result in the same high-quality results".
- Nelson Thibert
Purchaser, Durr Systems, Inc.


Nico Solutions has been in our facility since June of 2001. Their performance during their duration here at TI Automotive has been absolutely outstanding.

Our facility is 66,000 square feet, half office space, and half lab space. We host many tours throughout the year from visitors from literally all over the world. Our facility must be kept “tour ready” every day. Nico Solutions not only meets this requirement, they exceed it. The employees at Nico Solutions  are very professional, competent, trustworthy, and “attention to detail” oriented. It is very comforting to know that when I come to work every day, the facility is 100% clean.
- John DellaPelle III
TI Automotive / Auburn Hills, MI